Hair is available for purchase with your appointment


A Classic Sew In is installed with minimal leaveout for coverage of the wefted hair. It can last 6-8 wks.


Sleek Ponytails are perfect for any occasion. You can get it styled as a high ponytail, a low ponytail, classic ponytail pulled to the back . There are so many options. The natural hair is molded nicely and extensions are added to complete the look. It can last 2 wks.


Lace Frontal Installs are installed using adhesive & the wefted hair is sewn in. Lace Frontals require weekly or bi weekly maintenance , depending upon your daily activities and hair regimen. It may last 4 wks.


The Classic Bob can be a sew in or bond in install. Leaveout is required for the most natural look. You may also choose a lace closure. You may choose a middle part or side part. It can last 3 -6 wks.


Lace Closure Installs are so convenient. They do not require as much maintenance as a lace frontal. Look at how natural this Lace Closure Install is. There is no glue/adhesive used for this style. It is all sewn down. It can last 4-6 weeks.

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